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  • Company Culture

    Purpose & Core Values

    Our purpose is to improve the safety, reliability, and performance of our customers’ products that use electrical energy.

    Our Core Values form the heart of our company culture. Every day, at our locations around the world, the bright minds of our associates are devoted to customer and organizational success.

    • Customer Focus
      We partner with customers to solve complex problems wherever electrical power and energy are used.
    • Teamwork
      We want all associates to feel included, valued, and empowered to do energizing work.
    • Results Driven
      Through technology and innovation, we deliver results for all customers, colleagues, and stakeholders.
    • Integrity
      We provide an ethical work environment for associates and hold each other accountable.
    • Innovation
      We anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver innovative solutions that add value and grow our business.

    We strive to improve the safety, comfort, and well-being of people and the environment by working in socially and environmentally responsible ways. Learn more about how we do this in our work.

    View Social Responsibility Policy

    View Environmental Health & Safety Policy

    Giving Back Globally
    Around the globe, Littelfuse associates donate time and resources to leave the world better than we found it. Causes we support include the well-being of people, education, medical research, community improvement, and environmental stewardship.
    Philippines Tree Planting Initiative
    Enterprise Lean Six Sigma

    We embrace Enterprise Lean Six Sigma in all areas of our business. Continuous improvement of our products and processes delivers value for our customers, both internal and external.

    Learn More

    Innovation Forums

    With participation from associates in Asia, Europe, and North America, our Innovation Forums feature discussions of product design, development, R&D, and future market trends. The forums are an integral part of our commitment to our Core Values and to continuous improvement.

    Women’s Initiative Network
    WiN Group Members

    The Littelfuse Women’s Initiative Network (WiN) provides a forum to inspire and accelerate associate advancement and development through networking, mentoring, and education. With an emphasis on women associates yet open to all, WiN strives to develop the leadership skills and career-advancing opportunities needed to drive success for Littelfuse.

    WiN especially seeks to enhance and support the development of women in technology.

    WiN holds associate networking, education, volunteer, and team building events throughout the year.

    Learn More

    Join Our Team

    If our company culture sounds like a good fit for you, we invite you to visit our Careers page and apply for our open positions worldwide. Find out why we've been recognized as an excellent employer by organizations around the world.

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